February 7, 2009

The Butterfly Award

Debbie Wells just gave me my very first blog award. It is called the “Butterfly Award for the Coolest Blog I know!” I am so excited. Been surfing and wondering how people received those and now KAPOW!!! I've got one.

So the rules for this award:

1) Post the award’s logo on your blog

2) Add the link to the person who nominated you

3) Nominate at least 6 others and no more than 10 blogs & post their links.

Here are a few of the blogs that I visit every day. Gosh I just love these ones.

Ruthie B at Stampin With Ruthie
Mel at Mel Stampz
Julie Mutch at Mutch to Stamp
Heather at Ink on My Ear Love love love Heather's stuff!!!
Brenda at Stamp It Up
Lauren Meader at My Time My Creation My Stampendence This girl is one of the most talented people I've come across. I love this stuff.

These area few of the blogs that I absolutely love. Take a moment to check them out. You will be so glad that you did.

4) Let those people know that they have received the award.

You thought that was it didn’t you? There’s more. … Now for something completely different: This is a little different challenge requirement - to post the 6th photo found in your 6th folder in “My Pictures” and tell the story behind the photo. Here is the sixth picture in my sixth album.

So here it is...

A picture of my wonderful husband and our daughter at about 7 months old. Daddy had just given her a bath and the teeth were started to pop through.

Thank you again Debbie and
Happy Crafting

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  1. Awwwww....what a precious picture Erika! You are so welcome for the award....I am really new to blogging myself and was delighted to get the award and to pass it on to my favorite blog authors....I LOVE your blog and you are ever so deserving! Thanks so much for sharing so many wonderful tips and techniques on your's! Blessings~ Deb


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