April 27, 2012

Fearless Friends in Art Guest Blogger- Lizzie Oakley

 Today is another Fearless Friends in Art Friday, and I've got a super special treat for all of you. To my guest blogger is Lizzie Oakley. This girl is a cute as they come and a self professed dork, just like me. Enjoy everyone...

Hey people!  I'm Lizzie!  I am super duper excited to be over here with Erika at Taylord Concepts!  EEP!  And I'm even more excited b/c I want to share something amazing with you.  Today my youngest, Jax, is TWO!  YES TWO!  I can not believe it!!  It seems just like yesterday I was snuggling up this lil man who couldn't even fit into his birthday suit (pun totally intended)
And now he is a big, big boy.  Learning to ride his trike and talking up a storm.  It's so amazing to see him grow up into this awesome kiddo he is now.
So in honor of my Jax and his second birthday, I want to share with you a fun project.  It can be for any time you need to give a gift, but just don't have the 'right' wrapping paper!  It's easy and fun and can be adapted many ways to fit what you need.
Here is what you will need to gather up:
A rolling pin
Double sided tape
Assortment of paints
Paint brushes
Kraft shipping paper or parchment paper
Assortment of chipboard alphas,shapes, and numbers (to create design)
Washi/paper tapes
 First, take your kraft shipping paper or parchment paper and wrap it over your rolling pin.  Tape it down.  you don't need to do a fancy job.  It doesn't have to be super tight, but you don't want the paper to fall off either.
Now here is where the fun part comes in!  Take your chipboard and make your design! Use doubled sided tape to adhere your design.  Don't worry, the chipboard will bend with the pin.  Tim Holtz grunge board is actually PERFECT for this. Here I am making birthday wrapping paper for Jax.  So I spelled out his name a few times and put some 2's on there.  When spelling out names, remember to go backwards.  Spell the name backwards and have the alphas facing out backwards.  That way the names/words will be readable!  It not, then you will need a mirror and who has a mirror when cake is around?  That's just cruel!
Take your paint brushes and generously apply paint to the design.  If you don't want to waste any more time, take your rolling pin and just roll it in the paint.   Now carefully put the pin on the paper and, while applying pressure, roll the pin on the paper.  You will start to see your design!  Apply more paint and go at it again.
 Look at that!  You just made your very own personalized wrapping paper!  /pats you on the back
This is a bonus step, I took some black paint and white and even darker blue and just doodled a bit.  The plain blue was just not funky enough for me.  And in case you don't know, I like it FUNKY!
Remember to let your paper dry!  You don't want all that hard work to go to waste b/c you were too much of a eager beaver.
Once it is dry, wrap up your prezzie!  With fun washi/paper tapes and some twine, this present will totally stand out!
Not that it really matters since the now 2 year old will just rip and chew into it.  But hey, at least momma got to get crafty!!
Thank you Erika for letting me celebrate a special milestone in our families life.  I hope you all enjoyed my little tute and that you will come and check out all that my blog has to offer!!

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