March 1, 2012

Fearless Friends in Art Guest Blogger Series- Jamie Dougherty

Hello everyone and welcome to another wonderful Fearless Friends in Art Guest Blogger series post. Today I'm so amazingly honored to have a mentor, idol and friend sharing. The very first time I saw this ladies work on the Tattered Angels blog, I was blown away. Her art made me want to be more creative myself and it was because of her work that I grabbed my first bottles of Glimmer Mist (which is now a full blown addition lol). I was so very blessed this past January to meet this bright light in person and let me tell you, she is as good as they get. A gentle soul, who is following her dreams and gives me the strength everyday to embrace myself as an artist. Without further adieu, I bring you Jamie Dougherty...

Hi everyone :) I am honored to be a guest on the beautiful Miss Erika's Blog today. If you ask her, she'll tell you I'm somewhat of a schizophrenic artist. No I don't have multiple personalities telling me to paint the canvas, more like multiple things I want to do. I love to paint, scrapbook, mixed media, I even like to write. I love to try new things and find that it keeps my ideas fresh. My mom often asks how I keep track of all the stuff I do. Well, I really don't have an answer for that lol. If I did, it would probably scare you, heck I'd probably scare me!

Here is a project I recently finished, I would like to share and give a few techniques and products I used to create it.

I used a 12 x 24" Canvas Corp. canvas to paint this mixed media piece. I started by sketching the girls face onto the canvas. The canvas is raw so I was able to erase any mistakes I made while sketching. I then used Prismacolor Watercolor pencils to color her face. Next I used Black Gesso (Golden Mediums) and painted the rest of the canvas. Once the gesso was dried I used Molding Paste (Tip: Molding Paste is an awesome medium to use with stencils and masks to create diminution on a scrapbook page) and blended it with Acrylic paint I used a palette knife and applied it as her hair. Once that set a bit I blended white gesso into it to create the highlights in her hair. This also helps smooth out the molding paste a bit. I used Some of Prima's Vintage Trinkets and flowers, to give her a head piece. her little crown is a Canvas Corp banner. I added details to her eyes with India Ink and White Opaque Copic paint. 

This piece makes me want to do a Digital piece with the same style. Might have to try that. ;)

Mixed Media is popular right now in the crafting industry and the same artistic techniques can also be used when scrapbooking. Use the prismacolor watercolors on a patterned paper to add dimension. Or use Gesso as a background to a photo. Use India Ink to outline your page or doodle a fun design, there are so many possibilities. Don't be afraid to try something new and step outside of your comfort zone. :)

Thank you for letting me visit Erika! 

If you would like to see more of my work, or learn more about my book, you can find me here:

Thank you

And have a creative weekend
Jamie D.

Thank you so so very much Jamie, for everything you do. I truly adore you. Please everyone, take a moment to hop over to Jamies blog and follow her. Her work is beyond amazing and she does it all. Also if you enjoy reading, try her book The Guardians Kiss. Filled with angels and demons and things that seduce your senses.


  1. Holy Smokes!!!
    That girl is a talented one- I just picked my jaw off the floor.
    This is one beautiful piece
    Thank you for sharing and being a guest.
    Yes now I want to work harder to be better.

  2. I {{{heart}}} Jamie!! Amen. Period. The end.

  3. TFS the incredible talent of Jamie...she is incredible and ditto to what Julie said!

  4. Wow Jamie's work is amazing, thanks for sharing.

  5. oh my - wow!!! that is truly some artistic talent right there. i'm in absolute awe - it's beautiful and breathtaking and powerful all at once!! So happy that Erika brought you on to share your work. I'm off to check out your blog and be further inspired I'm sure! :D

  6. That is so beautiful. Thank you Jamie for sharing and thank you Erika for drawing my attention to it.
    Hugs, Neet

  7. I agree Jamie is amazing - I'm one of her followers (and yours) and adore you both. Such a joy to be able to be surrounded by amazingly talented and creative Women - thanks so much for sharing Erika.

  8. Omg that is beautiful...makes me want to sketch more again. Thanks Erika and thanks Jamie!

  9. Omg that is beautiful...makes me want to sketch more again. Thanks Erika and thanks Jamie!


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