January 4, 2011

Back to the Routine. Man How I Missed it

Ever realize how much you enjoy routine? Especially when you've gone without it for a few weeks. I so love the Holiday Season, but man it gives me (as the Genie would say) Such a Crick in the Neck!!!

So on with the New Year we go. Plenty of wonderful thing coming this way, I can just feel it. This year is gonna be a GOOD'N I tell ya. In my travels around crafty land as of late, I see that many people are taking the 1 word challenge that Ali Edwards does. I so like this girl!!!! So I've been doing some serious thinking and One Little Word found me!!! The One Word that is simply perfect for where I want to be, who I am and what I want to do... Don't be Afraid Erika. Feel it, Live it EMBRACE IT!!!

Yup EMBRACE. Embrace who I am, Where I'm going, What I need to do. Embrace Change, Art and Friendships. JUST EMBRACE IT!!!!

What's your word?



  1. Oh yes, I'm right there with ya.... loved the family time, the friend time, the spiritual time.... now I'm lovin' the "back to the routine time", LOL! Love your "poster" too - I've saved it, will photoshop it for little ol' me, and post it in my craft room. It's so "me"!

    I'm thinking my word will be "Now". I'm a procrastinator, and I've discovered that the route of most of it is fear. Fear of rejection. Fear of failure. Fear of not being good enough. So I put things off. But that's no way to live, so my word is NOW - do it now, try it now, now is the best time, now or never. Funny, I didn't plan on doing Ali's word exercise, but so many blogs are getting into it, asking about it, and so I got really thinking about it, and now I'm into it, LOL! Love the "embrace" too - sort of the same spirit as my word, I think.... to live in the moment. Thanks for sharing. ;)

  2. Great word Erika! This year, my word is FOCUS. for a lot of reasons, but mostly to remind me to focus on me a bit too. That always gets pushed to the bottom of the list and I don't like the end result very much.

  3. My word..RECONCILE...who I am...what I do...where I live..........

  4. My word would be accomplishment. I would love to accomplish being organized and exercising more..and etc...


  5. Love your poster. My word is Grace. Without it I would be lost. ;0)

  6. Hi x I dont so much have a word as a saying: Turn a negative into a positive x Wherever possible I try to do this, and think if exams were involved I would have a degree! by now LOL! So if I had to pick a word it would be "Positivity" x Happy new year x Leigh x

  7. my word is decisive. make up my mind and stick to it.
    stamping sue


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