December 31, 2010

Favorite Moments Special Ties

It is the last day of 2010 and what a wonderful year it has been. So many new experiences and wonderful opportunities have flown my way. So many talented and amazing people I've met. I wanted to share these with you and perhaps a few projects as well. No one thing better than the next, all so important and special to me in their own way. Now on with the show.

1) Getting to the final round in the Ms Scraptastic Contest over at You can't win the lottery if you don't get a ticket right? I was so fortunate to get to know Becky Teichmiller during this and I'm blessed because of it. Becky, thank you for pushing me into the scrapbooking world. Without you, I'd still be a card girl if it weren't for you hun. *hugs*

One of my favorite layouts during the contest was this huge 8x10 flower photo I scrapped.

2)In January of 2010, I started my wonderful design team position with Bonnie at Really Reasonable Ribbon.It started as just a spot on a ribbon team, then quickly grew into a friendship. Bonnie has been there for me at every turn, both creatively and personally. Together we started the new Really Reasonable Ribbon blog, got the first RRR design team in place and we've grown...Oh have we GROWN!!! Thank you Bonnie for all that you have done. You are truly a gem and I'm blessed to call you a friend.

3) Going to CHA for the very first time is truly an experience. The eye candy, the talent and the connections you make while you are there are beyond words. Summer CHA brought me more than one great gift. I met some wonderful people that inspire me EVERY DAY!!! People that have hearts the size of the moon! People that take chances and make dreams come true. Debby is one of those gifts. I met her for a quick coffee at the hotel we were staying at and found that I was bumping into her at every corner on the floor after that. This woman is truly beautiful, her advice and belief in my creativity abilities is truly a gift. Thank you Debby.

4) Do you ever meet up with someone that just makes you smile from the voice word they say to you? Someone that is always there to congratulate you, give you a compliment, or just sends you a short email to say hi? This Crafting community that we are all a part of, is the most wonderful community out there. People are so generous, friendly and inspiring. There is one person in particular in the crafty world that makes me smile all the time. Someone who I now consider a friend and someone that I so enjoy chatting with. Her name is Evette  Rice and her little notes always make me happy. Hope the baby blanket pictures are coming soon Evette. Happy New Years to you.

5) While I was walking around the floor on the final day of CHA in the summer, I just needed to create something. What can I say, I get a little anxious when more than 3 days goes by without being creative lol. I was looking for a make and take to do and notices that one of my favorite manufacturers had room at theirs. So I sat, grabbing twill, sprays and crepe papers. I started talking to this "creative soul" at the table and as a few moments passed was introduced to Rachel Carlson. We joked, chatted a little about the show and I was instantly drawn to this soul. She started commenting about how fun it was to watch me create, and I am positive I blushed!!! Rachel thank you for making one of my biggest creative dreams come true. I wear these wings with pride. Love ya!!!

6) Tracy Tracy Tracy and Tracy!!!Alright, I know that each one of you know how much I love Helmar, but the one thing I love about Helmar the MOSTEST is Tracy Weinzapfel. Tracy is the "glue" that holds so many things together. When I finally got to meet Tracy, her energy was electric. You couldn't help but be excited and want to jump right in. Not only is Tracy wonderful to work for, but I truly have been blessed to grow a friendship with this kind and gentle soul. She pushed me to be better, she challenges me to embrace my creative individuality and she just makes my crafty days better. Tracy you are one in a million!!! Thank you for YOU!!!

and since 7 is my lucky number

7) Each and every one of the readers of my blog. When I started my creative journey, I wanted a way to look back at my creations, see where I'd been and where I was going. Not in a million years did I think I would have over 800 followers who leave me comments, questions and little hellos. It is because of you that I post and share and it is because of your acceptance into this wonderful community that I continue. Thank you all and may this next year be filled with your own special dreams and goals. Love you all


  1. Your LO with the huge picture with the tulips is gorgous! I wonder if it's Holland when I see it but I gather it's Canada!

    La Vikinga / Charlotta

  2. It has been a wonderful year, hasn't it? And I can't believe you are thanking me! I should be thanking you for all that you do for me!! Without you there would not be a RRR blog. I truly value our friendship. I wish you much success in the new year in all that you do!

  3. Wow! Great top picks! Happy New year to you! Carri :)

  4. Beautiful projects! Love the review and have a great New Year!

  5. Happy New Year my talented friend! Wishing you much joy, happiness and sparkle in 2011! xOxO

  6. Fabulous projects, I so enjoy your site, you are an inspiration, Thanks!!

  7. Beautiful works dear.


  8. Lovely post~I feel the same way about Debby ~ she has been great to me~you have too, TY for that!!! Good luck in all you do Erica!!!

  9. What a beautiful and fabulous year! Thanks for sharing your talent, Erika! Happy New Year!

  10. Your projects are absolutly gorgeous. TFS and have a wonderful New Year!

  11. Beautiful, beautiful projects! Hope you have a fabulous craft filled New Year!


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