January 8, 2009

I got a great gift for christmas, a new point and click camera. And I've been snapping away at creations. Well don't ya know that I have already misplaced the USB plug so I can't download these projects I wanted to share. Good thing for old faithful. I had a few pictures of a project i did for my father on it. My very first Board Book. And let me tell you, after the first, I was hooked. I love the small journal and brag books and am really looking forward to trying the acrylic books as well.
Here are a few pictures

The Black Paper is Co'rdinates Cardstock. It has a colored core, so embossing and sanding are amazing. The black turned into this great harlequin design after I did both.

I love using little beads to accent a piece. The Glass charm is from the Tim Holtz Fragments collection and they are a riot to work with

Talk about taking a regular Prima flower and making it zing! The Shimmerz paint collection, which comes in a huge variety of shades, was painted on the flower to give them sparkle.

You can see another technique here, that I used with the Co'rdinates Chocolate Box cardstock. I wrinkled it up then sanded the wrinkles. Gives a little bit of a distressed look.

All and All, I am pretty happy with how my very first board book ever turned out. You know what they say about practicing though, so off to do some inking, or folding, or cutting.


  1. You're a vary creative lady! and this is just the beginning of your creative journey!! Wonder where the journey will take you?
    Your friend

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  3. thank you very much for the compliment Elaine.


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