March 20, 2012

Some Great News- Trinity Paper Arts

When I was in Calfornia for CHA, I was able to meet so many people. Friends that I've known for a while, people whom I admire and manufacturers that inspire me. One group of people that I was so fortunate to meet, were the Gents from Trinity Paper Arts. These guys are as genuine as they come and I am both humbled and honored to be a part of the Trinity Paper Arts first design team. Please take a moment and friend them on facebook and follow their blog (Tell em Erika sent you). They are an up and coming company and you will thoroughly enjoy their products.

We are so excited to announce and welcome our 2012-2013 Design Team!!!!

Veronica Johnson
Kristin Tweedale
Jenifer Cowles
Staci Jones
Linda Abadie
Erika Taylor
Cristal Hobbs
Rochelle Washington
Jenn Cochran
Jennifer Priest - Coordinator

Take a moment and check out the rest of the design team and Trinity Paper Arts


  1. Congratulations sweetie-how much fun it is to start with a new company


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