August 7, 2010

Ms Scraptastic 2010 Round 4- 8 x 10 photo

Hi Everyone. Wow the week is almost over. Where did it go this time? Summer is flying by and I've got a whole lot of things I want to get done.

As many of you know, I've been playing along with the Ms Scraptastic 2010 pageant at Scrap-tastic. For round 4, we had to use a large photo (8 x 10 for a 12 x 12 layout), which I was scared outta my gourd to try. But the trepidation passed and this is the creation that I entered.

I wanted to use the photo, which I took at the Calgary Zoo last summer, as patterned paper. Highlighting that one yellow tulip. What do ya think? There is a bunch of wonderful pieces from Magistical Memories on the layout. I used the Crystal Clear Wrought Iron Swirl and attached it to the layout, using the V2 Vellum Adhesive from Helmar. If you work with acrylic at all, you will absolutely love using the V2 Vellum Adhesive. I wouldn't use anything else now.

I also used the Antique Mirror and Antique Filigree chipboard pieces to finish it all off.

I made it to round 5 and I'll be showing you the layout tomorrow.



  1. This is so pretty and great idea to use the photo as the paper and focal.

  2. Wow! This really is a beautiful page. Your photo is gorgeous and you did a fabulous job showcasing it.

  3. Congrats on making it to round 5. What a neat idea to use the photo the way you did.


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