April 22, 2010

A ribbon kit, what a concept!!!

Hello Everyone and happy Thursday. While I was outside yesterday I noticed that the tulips are starting to bloom and found a Robin's Nest. How sweet is that.
When I received my monthly ribbon kit from Really Reasonable Ribbon this month, I knew that I had to create an inspiration piece. Something that really shows the Patriotic colors in this kit. The Blue Bandana grosgrain ribbon just begged to be used, so my mojo was running. The I received some of these AMAZING chipboard buttons we now carry in the store. I used the glitter red button from the Twilight package. Yes I'll admit it, I'm a Twilight Junkie.

Here is the card I created.

If you haven't taken a look at all the new embellishments in the store. hop on by and check them out. They are truly BEAUTIFUL!

I must apologize for the colors of the card. I broke my camera USB cord, so things are a little funky. Ordered a new one though and i'm looking forward to that. Thinking of getting a new camera in the future too. What kind do you have and why do you love it?

On the Weight Watchers front. This weeks weigh in, I was up 1.2 lbs. Now I've gotta see in my journal if there are things I can change to get back on that weight loss wagon. hmmm maybe I shouldn't get on the wagon, but run beside it. That should work *s*

One last little snippet today. Make sure to leave a comment about Earth Day, recycling, or what you do to help out and one lucky person will get some Goodies from me.

Papertrey white cardstock
Papertrey red cardstock
Paper Temptress navy cardstock
Jenni Bowlin Patterned Paper
Stampin Up Dotted Patterned Paper
Scarlet Lime patterned Paper
Really Reasonable Ribbon April Ribbon Kit
Glitter Chipboard Button-Twilight-
Red Stickles
Red Metallic Robin's Nest Dew Drops
Helmar Zap dots
Helmar craft glue

Until next time


  1. Great ribbons and card. Love the red, white and blue. Thanks for sharing.

  2. i have seen these ribbons and I love them great idea a ribbon kit but I am in UK and this is a USA firm so the postage is a wee bit on the expensive side to justify but it's fabby stuff

  3. Cute card Erika...and i loved your mixed media in a previous post too!!!

  4. From one Saskatchewanite to another (I'm from Creighton, SK). Here's my 2 cents:

    Camera: I use a Fuji S1000fd (model from 2 yrs ago). I can't justify an SLR, so this is the next best thing. It has manual and automatic settings, 2 macro modes, and a 12x optical zoom, all for $236 CDN at my local Wal-Mart.
    Eco-friendly: We use a water cooler, so no plastic bottles for landfill or recycling. Also, I keep three reusable shopping bags attached to my purse and about a half dozen more in the car, so unless it is something like meat products, I never need plastic bags. I also used to leave my PC on 24/7, but now I shut it down when I'm done using it (a real hardship for me, trust me, LOL!)
    Note to self: use more ribbon 'cause it's fabulous! :)

  5. I enjoyed your card. Lots of bright color and love the beads or pearls up the top side. Nice job,.
    Pat Smith

  6. I like the contemporary, fun look of your card :) I've been saving plastic from packaging, old clothes that won't cut it for Good Will and any other scrap or trash that seems like I can create something else from it.

    Cameras - I'm a huge Canon fan. I have the Rebel dslr and love it (hope to upgrade some day). My friend didn't want to spend that much so I talked her into the SX20 - IS and she loves that. We bought my teen A3100 IS and that is perfect for her and would be perfect thrown in a purse for spur of the moment shots. The cameras last and are well made. I've had mine since the 2nd year the Rebel came out and have had not one problem with it.

  7. I just love ribbon but don't use it enough on my cards (love the colours you have).

    Enviro-wise: We have a small composter which provides enough material to feed our garden and lawn each year. When my daughter comes to visit, she hesitates at where to put the trash -- recycle, compost, garbage or the freezer (wet garbage until garbage day - we have bears).

    Camera: I have an HP Photosmart M425 but I use my HP psc 1315 all-in-one to scan my cards. I would be lost without it.

    Have a great day and enjoy your tulips. It snowed here again yesterday.

    Sue Rapin
    Logan Lake, B.C.

  8. What a neat card!!
    I'm really enjoying all the variety I've seen, and am inspired to break out of my Crafty Comfort Zone.

    I recycle practically all of the paper and plastic, metal cans, pop cans, milk jugs, and tetra packs that we get. I'd like to enjoy the monetary benefits of going to a bottle depot, but we are limited in our space, so I just don't have room for an extra bin for refundables, I just put them in our blue bin with the others.
    I have been thinking about walking around our neighbourhood and picking up some of the trash, but I haven't made it that far as to do it yet.

    For my camera, I have a basic Olympus digital, but I have been able to get some nice pics out of it. It is been banged around a bit, (2 young sons can do that to your stuff), and I hope to upgrade to a decent dslr sometime soon.

    Have a great night Erika,

  9. Beautiful cards they are busy and I also love your style and use as much as possible.
    For our environment I carry every day, I live in a country that is at the forefront of environmental measures and I separate garbage for over 35 years.
    Furthermore, I use a car and fly very little.

  10. Cute card Erika! We are big time recyclers here plus I always carry at least 5 envirosax in my purse at all times. No plastic bags used here!


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