April 27, 2010

Doves and Poetry

Hey everyone and happy Tuesday to you all. Today I've got a post up over on the Gauche Alchemy Blog, sharing one of my art journal pages. This is such a great way to be creative, and I just love the freedom that creating an Art journal brings.

Here she is.
On another note, the winner of the RAK a few posts ago is.....

KimberleyG said...
From one Saskatchewanite to another (I'm from Creighton, SK). Here's my 2 cents: Camera: I use a Fuji S1000fd (model from 2 yrs ago). I can't justify an SLR, so this is the next best thing. It has manual and automatic settings, 2 macro modes, and a 12x optical zoom, all for $236 CDN at my local Wal-Mart. Eco-friendly: We use a water cooler, so no plastic bottles for landfill or recycling. Also, I keep three reusable shopping bags attached to my purse and about a half dozen more in the car, so unless it is something like meat products, I never need plastic bags. I also used to leave my PC on 24/7, but now I shut it down when I'm done using it (a real hardship for me, trust me, LOL!) Note to self: use more ribbon 'cause it's fabulous! :)
 Send me your address through email Kimberly, and I'll ship a little goodness your way.



  1. A fabulous journal page Erika, Thanks for sharing x

  2. thanks for sharing your mixed media

  3. Stopping by and getting caught up on your art--love what I see on your last few posts!

  4. OMG, thank you! I can't believe I won something!

    BTW, the art journal is a great idea. I finally started a notebook to collect ideas and work out plans for projects. Not quite in the same league, but it's a start, :)

    Thanks again for choosing me. I think I sent the e-mail ok.

  5. It's beautiful, great colors!


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