March 21, 2010

Charm Bracelet

Hi Everyone. How are you doing this weekend? It's been pretty low key around here this weekend and it is always nice to have a weekend where you just relax and let the day fan out like it may. 
I thought I would share a little project that I did a while ago using About Art Accents Stamps and shrink plastic. It is my first piece of jewelry that I've made and some of the charms turned out really neat.

I embossed on most of them, or used colored inks and markers to give them a little extra "KAPOW". I think my favorite is the charm that was cut out using the Spellbinders Fleur Pendent. I quite like it.

Next, I think I'm going to try my hand at clay. Any tips you can share?
Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you have a fantastic Sunday evening



  1. Wow, that turned out so cool! I love the colors you used! Clay is so much fun to work with, I think you'll like it! Not much in the way of tips to share, it's definitely addictive. I use the Sculpey brand of polymer clay.

  2. I like your bracelet; think you did well ! Congrats :-)

  3. Beautiful bracelet! Sculpey clay is great. I recommend getting a little toaster oven that is used just for baking your clay.

  4. I don't have any good tips for clay, but I sure do love this bracelet!!! You did a fabulous job.

  5. love this..l am experimenting with the clay if l find something that works..l will pass it on! lynda

  6. That is an outstanding bracelet you made!
    I would like to know how I can get an artful signature for my blog.


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