February 21, 2010

A ribbon tutorial at Gingersnap Creations

hi Everyone. Hope your weekend is going very well. I've got a ribbon tutorial up at Gingersnap Creations and would really like your comments over there. Here is the card set that is showcased. each of the ribbon techniques is explained.



  1. I love your ribbon tutorial. What an awesowme way to use ribbon.

  2. Your tutorial was excellent.....and thank you for sharing with us....

  3. I have just been over to check them. They are great. I am dyslexic and so often find instructions difficult to follow..yours were very easy. Well done Erikax

  4. I'm a little tired so I scratched my head a few times, but it was basically pretty easy. Loved the link to the 10 ways to use ribbon scraps which was a bit more my speed since I'm not a big ribbon user. Now if I had a Bow Easy instead of a serving fork...

  5. Erika...thought I would let you know you inspired me to give one of your ribbon trims a try...you will find it on my current post over at Julie's Open Window.

    Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial!

    Became a follower... : )

  6. I am always looking for ribbon techniques...because I am inept with ribbon. LOL. Thank you so much for posting them.


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