February 6, 2010

Butterfly Ruffles

Hi Everyone. I hope that you are all having a fantastic weekend so far. To all my readers out on the eastern seaboard, I hope the snowstorm hasn't created too much havoc for you and your loved ones.

Today I'm sharing another pleating card that I didn't iron. Love the fullness this one created. Ain't she purdy?

When pleating the ribbon, I stapled at the tops of the pleats, which gave a fuller ruffle. Then covered the "mess" with the green grosgrain ribbon. Such a springish card. I can't wait for spring.
What is your favorite part about Spring?


  1. Lovely card! love the pleats!
    Spring brings longer daylight!
    and we start to thaw out
    but being in NE Ohio, we get snow storms as late as mid-May! yikes!
    thankfully we weren't hit quite as bad as other places this weekend!
    Bring on the longer days and warmer temps!

  2. The midnight sun is back when spring comes to northern Norway. Long, bright nights. Hopefully sunny weather :) Have asked you about the drawing of your blog candy. Have not seen it yet. Have a nice day.

  3. Just gorgeous! I am loving that ruffle!

  4. Great card - I love the texture and dimension.

  5. Being in the UK, snow is something of an event, although we've not done too bad this year, but nothing on the scale of Washington. We have been watching it on our news tonight, amazing!!!!
    I love your card, such pretty colours and the pleating is gorgeous. It certainly is a breath of Spring. My favourite part of Spring is the trees bursting into green and the sun feeling warm again, can't wait!!
    Stay Warm


  6. Lovin' the lilac and ruffles! What a great breath of Spring!

  7. I love this,Erika. Love the colours, the ruffles, and most of all the effect the butterfly gives to the whole thing!

    Lucy x

  8. Love the ruffles. Great composition. I love butterflies too.


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