December 19, 2009

Follow your...

Good Morning everyone. Hope you are enjoying the Holiday Season. Our son had his last day of school on Friday and I am looking forward to having him at home all week long. Kindergarten is tough ya know lol. Have all the Christmas shopping done, now to wrap and for the first time do the Scandinavian Christmas dinner. EEEEEEKKKK!!!

Today I'm sharing with you, one of my favorite cards I've made over the last bit. The sentiment makes me stop and think, if only for a moment. Do you follow yours?

Here it is and Happy Saturday to all of you. Off to cheer for our boy in a hockey game. Man they are cute when they're this little hehe


  1. Erika, your work is so unique and gorgeous!

  2. Gorgeous card, Erika. Love the flowers! So pretty! :)

    Enjoy your Christmas holiday with your little ones.


  3. Lovely card! Great sentiment!

  4. Really beautiful Erika.
    I wish you and your family a very happy Christmas holiday time, good luck with cooking the Scandinavian dinner- what do you eat in celebration? Is it different than our turkey and trimmings?
    Happy Christmas xx

  5. Stunning! L ove the colors and the beautiful flowers - well done!!

  6. Do I follow my bliss? Well, yeah, every time I step into my she-cave to CRAFT something! *LOL*

    I really love the colors & the "feel" of this card, Erika...WELL DONE YOU!

  7. Awesome card, I just LOVE these colors together!

  8. This is a beautiful card! I love the colors and the sentiment.


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