July 16, 2009

Another Scrapbook Star Card

Today's card is an inspiration challenge card that i did for the Scrapbook Star's got Talent July challenges. I have everyone using a picture of Leonid the Magnificent from a few years back on the America's got Talent Show. Here is the picture, followed by the card. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

I used a wonderful technique where you take a cuttlebug folder and ink it up, then put your painted grungeboard piece into it and this amazing embossed ink image is the final product.


  1. Wow, that butterfly is beautiful! Loving all the details...so pretty!

  2. Very pretty! All the little extras are great.

  3. Awesome technique. Really digging the butterfly. Now write an article about it! ROFL

  4. Fab card - love your inspiration you clever chickie!

  5. What a wonderful inspiration photo. I love your card.

  6. I really liked him when he was on the talent show. LOL! He did not have too much talent but he had heart!
    Your card is awesome. I love it.

  7. Beautiful card! Love it! ~Olena~

  8. This is such a pretty card, Love the butterfly and love the colors and details!

  9. Very pretty.LOVE this butterfly.

  10. Wonderful card Erika! But, I have to admit, I'm not so sure about your inspiration there. . . But then, I admit, I don't watch America's Got Talent or any of those other shows like that so, I am clueless! :)

  11. terric card! great to see you using a technique that was on the CB challenge blog this past week..
    you did a super job creating this card!

  12. What?? A spunky dude on your blog Errie....are you drifting away from us?

    ROFL! Yep....great inspiration piece and I can sure see the resemblance in your card.....perhaps a piccie of a pansy would be suitable too....ROFL...Ok I gotta get outta here...I am having a great big belly laugh...tis beginning to hurt!

  13. I love your inspiration! It made me laugh out loud - wish I had seen the act.

    Your butterfly is awesome!!

  14. love the card, the inspiration is a little... ummm, inspiring? :-) hehe

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