January 17, 2015

A Life Unplugged

It amazes me how quickly time passes. So much has happened over the past year and a half and I'm finally at a place in my personal journey that warrants grabbing hold of a lost passion and firing up my creative juices and mojo.

Hello everyone, I'm back but let me introduce myself anyways. I'm Erika Taylor! Yup ERIKA TAYLOR!!!! A woman, a mother, a lover of creativity, and a happy soul. For years My creative journey was one made out of security, protection and a hiding place. Somewhere that I went to hide from my life and feel a part of something greater than my own bubble. I reflect back on the past 8 years and I must admit I have learned and grown alot. I know why things were done, why I retreated into my own personal crafting dungeon and I'm ready to break those chains.

I'm ready to bring back creativity into my life but on my own happy, fulfilled terms. Not out of depression, acceptance or protection, but out of love, fulfillment and blessings.

Are you ready for the unplugged journey? I know that I am and I've got bells on!!!



  1. What a lovely surprise, so glad to have you back!!!

  2. It was sad to read that you have been so unhappy. I'm very glad that your life is better now and hopefully your turbulent times are over for good. Looking forward to seeing your new creations!

  3. Looking forward to having you back!!!

  4. WOOHOO!!! Can't wait to see what the new, loving, happy Erika creates!!!

  5. I always wondered what happened but I always get it. I had to take my own step back to find myself, too, and found that I'm miserable if I'm not creative!! I've missed your smiley face, fabulous laugh and beautiful creations!

  6. I'm very glad that your life is better now and hopefully your turbulent times are over for good.

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