March 15, 2012

Fearless Friends in Art Guest Blogger Series- Martha Richardson

Sometimes you are lucky enough to meet someone that blows your thoughts of them outta the water. I've known Martha Richardson for a while now, but the moment I met her in the lobby of our hotel at CHA, her soul reached out and talked to mine. Without me blabbering on about how much I respect, appreciate and love this women, here is Martha Richardson

It’s one thing to be friends & co-workers online but it is something else when you get to meet them in person. Let me tell you…Erika is even more incredible in person & I’m honored to be a part of her “meet the artist” collaboration.

Erika and I finally met at the 2012 Winter CHA in Anaheim, Ca. where we worked together at the HELMAR Adhesive booth and also had the opportunity to just sit and chat. A looming question on many artists’ mind, including ours, is how to grow and evolve, push the limits and become even better at the art we love.

I thought I would take this opportunity to show you what I’ve been doing since this Feb. 2012. I am a natural born explorer, learner, investigator and curious person. Because I live in a very rural part of NC, all my art supplies must be ordered and all classes taken online. These online classes are my window into the art world and I’m never afraid to try something new. This is where I push & stretch, learn & explore, make mistakes & make beauty, meet new people, learn new techniques and just have FUN!

I would like to share some of my lettering attempts created when I enrolled in Letter Love 101 with the amazing Joanne Sharpe. I wanted to take a class from Joanne for several years and when she announced she would be doing online classes I was overjoyed…what an amazing class. Here are pictures of practice of a page that was 1st lettered and then painted with watercolor {something I’ve never done before}.

From this exercise I then created 2 watercolor paintings with inspiration from the Letter Love 101 class and conversations with one of my new artist friends Catherine Matthews Scanlon {I think you will have the opportunity to meet her next week}.  Again talking about artist evolution Catherine challenged me to attempt creating a random sketch and turn into a painting.

It’s a leap of faith sharing these new techniques but I want to share a small part of my evolution. I’ve learned that in art there are no mistakes and if I don’t try something new then I may just miss out on a technique or style that I really love. I’m not looking for perfection in what I do, that comes from practice, but the power that comes with “wow” I really like what I just did. And truth be told I LOVE buying art supplies!!!

I hope this gives you a slight nudge to evolve, to try a new technique, a different product that’s in your stash just screaming your name to try…to explore…to stretch your artistic limits.

Please take a moment and check out Martha Richardsons blog. she is beyond beautiful and her work inspires me every day. Thank you so much Martha


  1. Congratulations, Erika! Looks like a wonderful team. Can't wait to see what you create.

  2. Oops - meant to post that comment on your post below. Love the profile on Martha - I agree, she is a doll! And I'm enjoying her journal pages.

  3. Love these new pieces - really different and adventurous.

  4. What beautiful pieces and love the sharing of your process.
    How fun to have Martha as a guest
    Thanks for sharing

  5. jealous you two got to meet - I want to meet both of you! Thanks for sharing your explorations!

  6. Well done! Fabulous lettering, and I love love love your sketchy scribbly pages, watercoloured or plain. This is definitely 'YOU'- a great technique, and I hope we see more!

  7. Wow, these are some beauties!!! I would love to take a class like this - there is a point in which I have to slow down and do some more You know what I'm talking about. I have all these classes on my wish list to grow but I feel so busy as it is and the few classes that I have taken I haven't finished. Thanks for inspiring me!


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